What Is Jaguar EliteCare?

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What Is the EliteCare Advantage

What Is Jaguar EliteCare?

EliteCare for Elite Drives: The Ultimate Auto Protection

When you command a Jaguar vehicle, you’re getting much more than a sharp British ride packed with performance and luxury—you’ll also receive Best-in-Class coverage with Jaguar EliteCare. From providing a lengthy warranty to offering a few benefits like complimentary services, you’ll cruise with peak peace of mind knowing you’re driving with one of the road’s best protection plans. See how you can add extra confidence to your cruises by heading to Jaguar Ocala near Gainesville, FL, and test driving the Jaguar models that demand your attention and see how you can add the EliteCare advantage to your next adventure.

Coverage for the Long Haul: A New Level of Confidence

Get ready to cruise with the best coverage plan among luxury vehicles—and getting started simply involves purchasing a Jaguar vehicle—from the F-PACE to the F-TYPE, all new models are fair game. Once you’ve found the perfect ride, you’re protected with a 5-year/60,000-mile New Vehicle Limited Warranty to help you gain extra confidence and remove your fears of unleashing the full potential of your ride’s performance.

Even when the unexpected happens at 4AM, Jaguar EliteCare also throws in 24/7 Roadside Assistance to come to your rescue. Whether you drive over a nail, run out of gas, or need a quick tow, just make a quick call, and help is on its way with virtually no hassle for you.

Your VIP Pass: Don’t Miss Out on These Benefits

On top of providing you with Best-in-Class coverage, Jaguar EliteCare also allows you to claim complimentary maintenance on your Jaguar model, giving you virtually no reason to skip your oil changes. Don’t forget to schedule your service with us, where our factory-trained experts get the job done with ease to help your vehicle drive in premier condition for years to come.

Want remote access to your vehicle, too? Jaguar InControl® is also included in the Jaguar EliteCare advantage, which lets you control your ride with your smartphone to an extent. So, when you need to warm up your car or SUV this autumn, simply start your vehicle and turn on the heat from a mobile app on your phone, helping you get greeted by a cozy cabin when you embark on your next excursion. The app also alerts you when you have a window open to help you avoid a damaged interior when a rainstorm begins.

Start Your Best-in-Class Coverage: It All Begins in Ocala

Are you looking for an extra layer of peace of mind when you hit the roads? Visit Jaguar Ocala near Leesburg, FL, and test drive your favorite new Jaguar models to find a ride that’s compatible with Jaguar EliteCare. Our team is also here to help with the shopping process, so don’t hesitate to let us know the features or trims you’re looking for.

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