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Our Preferred Car Dealership In Ocala Responds To Varying Finance Needs

Just as everyone is unique with their wants and needs for that new Jaguar, so too are the wants and needs when it comes to financing it.

At our Jaguar dealership serving Ocala and Gainesville, our goal is to help keep the excitement of the car-buying experience uninterrupted. As such, we work with you in a number of ways, and with a number of options, as to best finance your New or Pre-Owned Jaguar. After all, no one wants to be pre-occupied by heavy thoughts of monthly payments outside of their comfort zone.

Through our Jaguar Finance initiatives, your car dealership in Ocala can help explore the options of everything from a car loan to a car lease. If your objective is to own your Jaguar outright, we can also help crunch financing numbers to try and find a good fit for you.


Financing Your Jaguar

The most popular approach to car ownership these days is financing to own. In doing so, a car buyer typically seeks a car loan, makes an initial down payment or puts the Trade-In Value of a current vehicle towards the new or pre-owned Jaguar. Doing so will result in even more breathing room with monthly payments.


When you work with the finance team at our car dealership in Ocala, the title will remain with the lender, but you will not be limited to the number of miles you can put on the Jaguar and you are free to customize your new ride as you see fit. These are 2 perks not available with car leases.

Many car shoppers view financing to own as an investment. Once it’s paid for, it’s completely yours. You’ll have the option to sell it or even pass it down to your kids. To learn more about the financing process and our competitive finance rates, visit the car dealership in Ocala more drivers are hitting the brakes for.

Auto Financing At Our Jaguar Dealership In Ocala, FL.

Leasing A Jaguar Leaves No Long-Term Commitment

Most car leases have a lifespan of 2-3 years, come with lower monthly payments than if you were financing to own, and have no strings attached. At the end of the car lease, you simply return the vehicle to your car dealership in Ocala for something different or just walk away.


As it is a lease and you will not be working toward ownership, there are reasonable limits to the number of miles which can be put on the vehicle. So, if your typical commutes don’t require a lot of road work, a car lease could be a terrific option.

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When considering a new vehicle, amidst all the excitement, there is a lot to ingest. At our car dealership in Ocala, you want the perfect Jaguar, as well as a way to fund it without incurring stress. Sometimes, the best way to get the process started is to visit us in person or Contact Us Online today.

Not only will you find a list of our new and pre-owned Jaguars, but there is a lot of information, including Credit Applications, Payment Calculators, and even a Trade-In Value section which can better help you get a big-picture look at what’s involved.

We then encourage you to visit the finance center of our premiere car dealership in Ocala to let our friendly, professional staff help get you back on the road sooner and with confidence.

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