Jaguar OEM Parts vs. Aftermarket Parts in Ocala, FL

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Image of a Jaguar vehicle under construction using OEM parts, available at Jaguar Ocala, FL

Jaguar OEM Parts vs. Aftermarket Parts in Ocala, FL

Understanding OEM Parts

Our car dealership in Ocala only uses OEM parts for auto repair, so our technicians get asked all the time, “What is an OEM part?” It’s a good question because people often aren’t sure if OEM is a particular brand or if it’s a descriptive acronym. While there must be a company somewhere in the world that uses these initials, in the automotive industry OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer.

Every time a technician tells one of our customers this, we can see their eyes glaze over a little. At first glance, “Original Equipment Manufacturer” seems both too broad and too narrow to make any sense. We’re here to explain it clearly.

The key word in OEM is “original”, and the confusing word is “equipment”. “Manufacturer” is self-explanatory. In this context, “equipment” means any part of your vehicle. This ranges from the alternator to the A/C unit and everything in between. “Original” refers to whichever manufacturer originally made the part for the vehicle. Jaguar makes most of the parts for their vehicles, so it is the OEM for most parts. If Jaguar happened to enlist another company for a certain part, then that company is the OEM for that part.

In summary, an OEM part is identical to the part your vehicle had placed in it during production. It is the original part.

Visit our car dealership in Ocala, Jaguar Ocala, where we always use OEM parts for state-of-the-art auto repair.

Understanding Aftermarket Parts

OEM parts aren’t the only parts that will fit your vehicle. Companies love to make tweaks on designs to OEM parts all the time and sell them for use on your vehicle. These are called “aftermarket parts” because they’re developed and sold after the vehicle has been released to the market.

Why do companies make aftermarket parts? Good question. Many companies do it in an attempt to offer a less expensive version of an OEM part in the hopes that people will buy based on price. However, that’s not always a great idea for the consumer. Automotive parts are a you-get-what-you-pay-for market, so opting for a cheaper option often leads to getting a less-reliable part. Sure, it will work for a while, but ultimately it won’t come close to matching the longevity of an OEM Jaguar part that you’d get from our car dealership in Ocala.

If you do choose to gamble with an aftermarket part, you’ll be inflicting an unintended consequence on yourself. Replacing any part of your Jaguar with anything but an OEM Jaguar part could result in you voiding the warranty on your vehicle. The small savings you may have gained would ultimately result in losing the tremendous value of free auto maintenance and auto repair from the Service Center. at our car dealership in Ocala. Objectively, that’s not even close to a fair trade-off.

The Choice Is Yours

When you come to our Jaguar dealership for auto repair, you naturally expect us to use genuine Jaguar parts to replace any faulty ones. Why? Because we’re a Jaguar dealership, so we should only give a vehicle the parts that were designed to be used on it — its original parts. We operate with the same assumption, which is why we only use OEM parts and recommend that you do the same.

Do your vehicle a favor. When it next needs auto repair, take it to the finest car dealership in Ocala for OEM parts — Jaguar Ocala.

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