Oil Change Service Tips from Your Trusted Jaguar Dealership in Ocala, FL

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Oil Change service available at our Jaguar dealership in Ocala, FL.

Oil Change Service Tips from Your Trusted Jaguar Dealership in Ocala, FL

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What You Need to Know from Your Local Jaguar Dealer

There are many reasons why you’d come to our trusted Ocala Car Dealership, but one of the most common will be for oil change services. Having your oil changed on your Jaguar vehicle is very important in order to keep your vehicle running like its meant to. There are different signs to watch out for that could indicate you need an oil change, and we will cover those down below. We will also cover the many important reasons why you need your oil changed regularly. Keep reading to learn more or give the certified technicians at the Jaguar Ocala Service Center a call today.

Why You Need Your Oil Changed

Regular oil change service is vital to extending the life of your vehicle and ensuring that it runs properly. There are 4 main reasons that you need an oil change.

  1. Engine lubrication. The oil within your engine keeps all of the components lubricated and prevents them from directly rubbing against one another. When the components rub against one another without enough oil, it causes wear on the parts. This can lead to damage and may require auto repair down the road.
  2. Oil keeps the engine cool. When you drive, it causes your engine temperature to rise and when there is a lack of oil, it can cause your engine to overheat. This is never a good experience for any engine and can mean preventable damage to the parts.
  3. Fresh oil can mean better gas mileage. When your oil is fresh and clean, your engine is optimized and working efficiently. The harder your engine has to work, the worse gas mileage you will get. Regular oil change service can ensure you are maximizing your gas mileage.
  4. Clean oil ensures your vehicle’s life. If your car is working the most efficient way possible, it means less wear on your engine components, which then means fewer auto repairs needed. Anything that will prevent auto repairs will extend the life of your vehicle.

Oil change service is good for your vehicle in both the short run and the long run. It is one of the most important maintenance services for your vehicle, and if you get them regularly, you’ll protect your vehicle for years to come. If you have any questions, feel free to call our premier car dealership and speak with one of our certified technicians. Get top-notch Jaguar service in Ocala today!

Oil Change Signs to Watch Out For

You now know how important regular oil changes are, but what are the signs that you need an oil change? There are 5 different signs to look out for.

  1. The one sign that most people look out for is how many miles they’ve driven, and it is common to get your oil changed every 3,000-5,000 miles. This is the best way to keep your oil change service regular and to ensure your engine is running properly.
  2. If you have a tough time keeping track of the miles that you’ve driven, the next best sign for whether you need an oil change is if the check engine or oil light turns on. Once this light comes on, it’s important to schedule an oil change as soon as possible.
  3. Fresh oil generally has an amber color, and when it gets old, it will become dark from all of the dirt within the engine. The darker the oil, the less efficient that it will run and if your oil becomes dark, it’s time for a change.
  4. If your engine becomes louder and louder over time with knocking noises, it can mean that you don’t have enough oil. The oil in your engine prevents the components from directly rubbing together and making loud noises. If this occurs, it is best to Schedule a Service Appointment as soon as possible so you can attempt to prevent damage to your engine.
  5. One final sign that you need your oil changed is if you have smoke coming from your exhaust or if you can smell burning oil. These can mean that you either don’t have enough oil or that your engine has an oil leak.

For all of your Jaguar service in Ocala, we have you covered. If you have any concerns about whether you need an oil change or another auto repair service, schedule a service appointment with our trained technicians today.

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Now you know some of the most important signs of needing an oil change and why they are vital to the life of your vehicle. Not only does oil prevent damage to the components, but it can also help your engine run as efficiently as possible. Here at Jaguar Ocala, we are dedicated to giving each one of our drivers the ultimate auto repair and maintenance service possible. Our dedication to you can be seen through our incredible customer service and respect. Come visit us today!

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