New vs. Used: Which Vehicle is Right for You?

December 2nd, 2019 by

New and used Jaguar vehicles for sale parked together at Jaguar Ocala

New vs. Used: Which Vehicle is Right for You?

New, or New to You, Our Car Dealership in Ocala Delivers Big

If you’re on the prowl for a vehicle in Ocala, FL, the big question of whether to buy new or used likely came into play at some point. For some, the decision has yet to be made. At Jaguar Ocala, not only do we feature an elegant lineup of new Jaguar models, but we are also home to a regularly-changing, yet always-enticing inventory of Certified Pre-Owned and other used cars.

To learn more about the finest new and used cars Ocala has to offer, continue reading.

Prime Selection of New Vehicles in Ocala

When you decide to buy a new Jaguar, like the 2019 Jaguar XE, Jaguar XT or one of our all-electric Jaguars, not only does our Ocala car dealership provide you with great options on what to drive away in, but we also help with great options on how to finance your new Jaguar. From loans to leases, we help you get behind that brand-new wheel faster and with more confidence.

To many people, there’s just something extra special about driving a new vehicle. If you’re among those who want to dig deeper into our new-Jaguar inventory, including all-electric models, visit us online or schedule a visit today.

Certified Pre-Owned Vehicles are Like New in All Ways Except Price

Given the 2019 ALG Pre-Owned Value Award, Jaguar retains its value better than any of its premium competitors. With that said, a Certified Pre-Owned Jaguar is like a brand-new car in all ways but one — the price. That can give the new vs. used battle an easy outcome.

Even after thorough inspections, refurbishing and certification by the manufacturer, Certified Pre-Owned Jaguars are significantly lower in price than their new counterparts. In most cases, incurred miles on Certified Pre-Owned vehicles are also significantly lower than other used vehicles.

To take a look at our current lineup of CPO Jaguars, call or visit us online to schedule a visit for a test drive.

Used Cars for Sale

Many times, practical and sensible are words used to describe your wishes for a vehicle. At Jaguar Ocala, we feature an ever-evolving and always-impressive lineup of used cars from a variety of makes and models that could be absolutely perfect to fit your needs.

To take a test drive of anything in our new or used inventory, come by and count on the Ocala car dealer more Central Florida drivers prefer.

Reasons to Start — And Continue — a Great Relationship with Jaguar Ocala

Whether you decide on a new or used vehicle, Jaguar Ocala hopes you also find value in what we can do for you before you leave our lot, as well as after.

Before you buy new or used, you need the right finance plan. When you visit our Finance Center, we can present the ups and downs of a variety of options, and we can also help get a plan in place with lower interest car loans or car leases with lower monthly payments.

We also hope you’ll remember the Jaguar Ocala Service Center when it’s time for a routine check-up or repair work. Our highly-skilled technicians put 100% into every job, regardless of size.

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