2020 Jaguar I-PACE Charging Explained

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Side view of the 2020 Jaguar I-Pace charging

2020 Jaguar I-PACE Charging Explained

Extensive Mileage in the All-Electric 2020 Jaguar I-PACE

Environmentally-conscious drivers will find the 2020 Jaguar I-PACE fills the market need for a trustworthy luxury all-electric SUV. The I-PACE is Jaguar’s first fully-electric SUV and pushes forward the company’s passion for mixing style with amazing engineering. In the 2020 I-PACE, the focus is placed heavily on Jaguar’s futuristic approach to engine design with its 90 kWh lithium-ion battery.

This battery-powered luxury SUV was designed with both form and function in mind. While beautifully tailored on the exterior, buyers will also find a top-level approach to interior design and technology.

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2020 Jaguar I-PACE Range

“Range anxiety” is a very real concern for new electric vehicle owners. However, Jaguar I-PACE buyers will find some comfort in the EPA-estimated 234 miles per charge.

Different factors can impact the travel range of the 90 kWh lithium-ion battery in the Jaguar I-PACE. Below-freezing temperatures and temperatures above 90 degrees Fahrenheit can reduce the effective range. As with other electric cars, operating the heating and cooling systems can also reduce the total range by drawing more power from the battery.

Depending on your driving habits and needs, you may only need to recharge your I-PACE once every few days. Many drivers will find once-per-week charging to be adequate.

How Do I Charge the Battery?

Owners will find a charging port on the front left side of the vehicle in front of the driver side door. To charge the vehicle, open the charging port hatch, and plug in the charging cable into the port.

Charging at home with a 240-volt Level 2 home charger can take approximately 12.6 hours. If using a public charger, speeds will vary depending on whether the charging station is using an AC Level 2 or a DC Level 3 charger. AC Level 2 chargers are capable of charging around 70 miles of range per hour, or just under three hours for 80% recharge. A DC Level 3 charger can charge a Jaguar I-PACE up to 80% capacity in 45 minutes.

What Happens if I Run Out of Battery?

Your vehicle will provide you with multiple warnings prior to a complete battery drain. You’ll receive audio and visual alerts at 10% battery. At zero percent battery, your Jaguar I-PACE will give a warning pull over and then shut down your vehicle.

Where are the Available Charging Stations?

To avoid complete battery loss while on the road, use the included navigation system to locate the nearest public charging station. Your I-PACE will guide you to the closest charging station, many of which are free. Others may require payment using major credit cards or other payment methods. We recommend signing up for a free ChargePoint account to help access a large network of charging stations.

The 2020 Jaguar I-PACE was designed to keep you safe and comfortable on the road for both short commutes and longer jaunts around town. Find even more to love by taking the Jaguar I-PACE for a test drive today. Contact Jaguar Ocala to learn more about intelligently designed I-PACE from Jaguar.

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